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Meghan Nicole in Laguna Beach Portrait Session

What a treat it was to have Meghan come all the way over to Laguna Beach from Mississippi for her Senior Portrait session last week. We had a blast on the beach and I was amazed at her ability to crack-up laughing right on cue and have it be totally real – every time. Meghan is also one smart girl BTW, skipping her Jr. year and going straight to her Senior year. Way to go Meghan!!

Sarah + Sean crash Newport Beach

How cool is this?!! Sarah and Sean totally crashed Newport Beach for their wedding. It was a beautiful SoCal day with a soft wind, plenty of sunshine and just the right amount of friends and family to witness this very heartfelt ceremony and celebration.

Their good friend Bobby was there to officiate and authenticate their entire nuptials as well as have a bit of fun with them (see video).

Sarah and Sean also splurged for our newly added Moving Moments video which you’ll see just a bit of in this highlights slideshow. It’s an awesome option to capture both the impact of still images as well as video that captures exactly the moments you want most to come to life. Together they embody the true experience of the moments you want to remember the most.

No Venue fees.
No Ceremony Decoration fees.
No Stress – Okay, at least a little less stress!
Total Passion.
Total Love.
Totally Intimate.
Totally Memorable!

Jennifer & Anthony at Hyatt Regency Newport Beach

Somehow I just knew when I shot Jennifer & Anthony’s engagement session that their wedding day was going to be both beautiful and graceful as well as one HUGE party for their friends and family. The Hyatt Regency Newport Beach proved to be an absolutely gorgeous venue for their very special day. With Anthony’s family hailing all the way from the land of Oz (Australia, that is) I think it’s safe to say that Jennifer’s side of the family really showed those Aussie’s how to party – American Style.

See if you agree!

Stephanie + Matt in Paradise Valley

I think Stephanie and Matt had such a great idea for their wedding that I just might steal their concept when my big day comes. They rented a small mansion in Paradise Valley for 4 days which accommodated both their ceremony and reception. This was brilliant and worked to perfection. Not too big, not too small.

As far as Karen and I could see (and capture), everyone had an absolute blast.

Myra + Tony at Fairmont Scottsdale

I can’t express in words how much fun this wedding day was. Myra & Tony totally personify grace, beauty, excitement, fun and true love. They were both such troopers for all my crazy requests for more and more photos.

One part you’ll notice in the slideshow that is absolutely hilarious is that Tony’s brother somehow didn’t make it to the venue with his suit pants. We all made a joke of it but his poor wife had to drive back home, get them and then bring them to the Fairmont in time for some images of all the guys. She made it in plenty of time and all was well.

Here’s a very brief account of their wedding day at the Fairmont Scottsdale.

C o n n e c t
R e v i e w s