About Jeff

My name is Jeff Calbom and I started Anderson Image Photography in 1996 at which time I lived on Anderson Drive in Phoenix, Arizona. As my Swedish last name is a little hard to remember, I decided to name my studio after the street where it all started.

Most all wedding & portrait photographers will tell you they are a “people person” and they love to photograph people. Well, for me there’s actually something I love more than people and that’s the story behind the person. Whether it’s a simple headshot or an entire wedding day shoot, every image reveals a story behind that person which is where my true passion in photography thrives! Documenting the stories of people. That’s what I strive for every time I hit the shutter button. It’s also what I hope you see most in my images. If you can relate to the people in my photographs … relate to the situations and circumstances in which they’re photographed … as if on some level, you know exactly how they’re feeling – without even knowing them … then you and I have connected and we should definitely get together to talk about photographing your story.

My interest in photography started early in my formative years (around the 4th grade) thanks to my father, now a retired ordained minister of 40+ years. Upon returning from a six week sabbatical to document our church mission relief work in Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica and Belize I would spend hours with him in our basement darkroom as his official “print technician.”  Yes, I would move pieces of Kodak RC paper from Developer to the Stop bath and finally to the Fixer tray.

I was in awe at what I saw in the images my father had taken of people both young and old. Some faces in anguish over the desperate need of medical attention and no where to turn, others rejoicing from a newly built clinic in their village.

It was then that I first realized the emotional impact of an image. My interest in photography soon became a lifelong passion. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Photojournalism and did the newspaper gig for 9 years. Having covered enough ribbon cuttings, I opened my own studio focusing on my biggest passion – documenting not just people, but their story.

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