Timing is everything

One of the things I like to do with every couple I meet with is to talk about the timing of their day. It’s really important to not only figure out a timeline for the whole day but also allow for some “buffer” time in case things run late – or should I say when things run late. This also helps to ensure that you allow enough time to actually capture all those must-have moments with your photographer. Here are a few often overlooked things that you might want to consider when creating a timeline for your day:

  • Transit time – Whether it’s traveling from the salon to the resort, from home to the church or anywhere in between allow enough travel time. It’s even a good idea to check for any planned freeway closures a couple days before your wedding just to make sure. Also, if you have multiple venues, you’ll want to make sure each person in the wedding party all have correct addresses. Sometimes Mapquest® is wrong so check just to make sure it’s correct.
  • Arrival time of flowers – You don’t want to be waiting around for your bouquet  to show up at the time you scheduled to go get some awesome images around your venue.  This is especially important for couples who are seeing each other before the ceremony. That can often be 2-3 hours prior to the ceremony, so make sure  to give your florist a heads-up.
  • Does your dress bustle? – Be sure to have someone on hand (or a couple of people) to do this for you. It’s a really good idea to do a “dry run” with your dress before your wedding day. Both for the fitting and the bustling. Also, often times at a wedding, while there is a designated bustler, they’ll be in a completely different part of the venue, so it helps to have someone who can stay by your side. 

The reason a schedule is so important is because your day is going to go by so fast for you. As a photographer I want to make sure we allow proper time to capture the types of images for which you fell in love with when you hired me. You’ve chosen your venue with great care, and often great expense and with just a little planning we can be sure to allot for ample time to capture all of it.

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