Monthly Archives: February 2009

Cheeeeese sandwich

I thought I was having a pretty good day, but when my sandwich smiled back at me I knew it was an extra special day!! Sent with my iPhone

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I saw LOVE!

I just got back last night from the WPPI convention (the largest photography expo in the known universe) in Las Vegas. Wow, was it cold there this year. It even rained all day Monday – the one day Karen and I walked from Planet Hollywood to the MGM Grand where the expo was. It’s funny […]

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Back up those images

I met with a couple last week regarding their wedding photography (BTW, I just found out they booked me so THANK YOU Erin & Erik – I can’t wait!) and we got on the subject of preserving old family photos. I was urging them (and Erin’s parents who joined us in the meeting) to scan […]

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C o n n e c t
R e v i e w s